Ethnosentrism Phenomenon in Regional Autonomy Era: A Case Study on Movement “Spin-off” Demand PT Semen Padang from PT Semen Gresik Tbk (1999-2003)

          A case on movement “Spin-Off” demand PT Semen Padang (Padang Cement) from Gresik Cement in West Sumatera is that the using of typical sentiment of Minangkabau etnosentrism. At least, local elites using terminology of “West Sumatra peoples” in their demands to Central Government.             Using ethnic and local sentiments is intended to push Central Government to cancel “Put-Option” program or sale all government shares in Gresik Cement to Cemex, enterprise from Mexico.    In the new political situation, after New Order and regional autonomy implementation era,  appearance of local sentiments in case of Cement Padang make Central Government was worried. Supported by various Minang society element, local elite aggressively  to push Jakarta by using some opinion like  “West Sumatra people interest”, “Minangkabau grade”, etc.       Ethnocentrism phenomenon can not be separated  from the fact that Padang Cement is only one big manufacture in West Sumatra. If the state enterprise fully dominated by foreign investors,  it’s the same as insulting Minang grade. In fact, Padang Cement located  in “the heritage land” (Ulayat) which can not be commercialized, as traditional law.   


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